Benji Pays

The only app on QuickBooks 100% dedicated to integrating and automating your credit card processing.

QuickBooks integrated Credit Card Payments processing and automation made easy and affordable.

Simple. Transparent. Easy.

  • Automate the tedious process of processing payments
  • Get paid faster
  • Automate cash flow
  • Automate credit card accounts receivable
  • Reduce late payments
  • Save hundreds of hours per year versus manually processing and reconciling payments
  • Save thousands in labour costs
  • Works with your existing Moneris, Bambora, Stripe, and Helcim merchant accounts
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Send Custom, Branded 'Pay Now' Links for any invoice in your accounting system to get paid right away
Find out all the ways that BENJI PAYS below, or you can sign up now to get started saving your business time and money everyday.

BENJI PAYS saves our customers up to 50 hours a month in manual labour . Contact us to find out how.

Are you or your employees spending hours processing credit card payments for recurring orders and repeat customers manually?

Tired of the labour costs associated with your credit card payment processing?


Would you like to take advantage of better rates offered by popular credit card payment processing providers?

BENJI PAYS Automates and integrates your QuickBooks payment processing to improve your cash flow, save you thousands on labour costs, reduce late payments and help you get paid faster. You will save time and money by automating the payment processing of your invoices, while still taking advantage of your payment processor's existing rates with our system.

Unlimited Payment Gateways
Moneris, Bambora, Stripe, and Helcim Payment Gateways
QuickBooks Online Integration
Xero Accounting Integration
Send custom, branded Pay Now links to your customers
Xero Custom Payment URL
Multi-Currency support
    Moneris Canadian and US Dollar Merchant accounts
    Bambora Canadian and US Dollar Merchant accounts
      Stripe US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Euro transactions
  Helcim Canadian Dollar Merchant accounts
Unlimited user accounts
Unlimited customers
Unlimited invoices
Automated Integrated Payment Processing
Automated failed payment retries
Manual Integrated Payment Processing
Virtual Terminal
Use your existing card data
Integrated email card information requests
Branded payment information portal
Transaction and attempt Reporting
Transaction receipts with PDF Invoices
Use your existing Payment Gateway account
Email Support
  • Works with your current software systems.
  • Works with your current payment processor and merchant account.
  • Automates your recurring payment processing.
  • Saves you time by linking your accounting system customers to your stored credit card profiles. Secured data is not accessible by BENJI PAYS.
  • No more having to retry cards that have been declined over and over - we automate this for you!
  • Simple billing model, no hidden fees.
  • No contracts, you can cancel your service at any time.
  • We use this system too. BENJI PAYS was created to solve the same pains you are having in your business that we were having in ours.
  • We reduce the time it takes to add a new customer payment profile with your payment provider.
  • We eliminate the need to log into your payment provider account to manually process payments.
  • You no longer have to keep credit card numbers on file, reducing risk and bringing you closer to PCI compliance.
  • Keep your accounts receivable as current as possible, and get cash into your business as faster.
  • One place to manage all your customers' payment information.
  • Automates your recurring payment processing.
  • Automates retrying payments when a card is declined.
  • Easily disable your customer's payment profile, permanently or temporarily.
  • We email out payment receipts so you don't have to.
  • Our payment receipts include your invoice number. This helps reduce calls to your A/R team from customers wondering what a charge on their card is for.
  • Daily report emailed to you with details on all invoices and transaction details. Quickly identify declining or expired cards that need to be updated, and customers who do not have a card on file in your system.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on collections.
  1. You enter your customer information and create invoices in QuickBooks.
  2. You login to BENJI PAYS and create a new customer payment profile, you choose the customer name from your accounting software and enter the credit card details.
  3. We send the credit card info to your payment provider, and do not store it in our system.
  4. Your payment provider sends us back a unique identifier that identifies that card and is safe for us to store in our system. We save that and your selected customer name in our system, linking the two together.
  5. Overnight, the Benji Pays integration gets your current outstanding invoices from QuickBooks, and if their due date has been met, and attempt to charge your customers' credit cards.
  6. If the charge is successful, we email a receipt to your customer, and apply the payment to the invoice in QuickBooks with Benji Pays' integration.
  7. Once we have processed all of your invoices, we store a report containing the results of the processing and credit card charges, and notify you by email. No sensitive card info is contained in this report.
  8. Optionally, Benji Pays can be set to apply any outstanding credit memos in our QuickBooks integration to the invoice before charging your customer's credit card, and only charge their card for any remaining balance on the invoice.
  • Moneris Vault, Moneris Gateway - both Canadian and US Dollar merchant accounts
  • Bambora - both Canadian and US Dollar merchant accounts
  • Stripe in Canadian Dollars, US Dollars and Euros
  • Helcim in Canadian Dollars
  • Square, and more coming in the future

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