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Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per year.

Connect almost any payment processor to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero.

With our integrated payment links and intelligent automated payment processing you'll get paid faster and with less effort, allowing you to increase profits, improve cash flow and concentrate on what's important.

Find out all the ways that Benji Pays today.

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This app has saved me so much time! A task I used to dread, that was so tedious, is now complete in minutes! The automation of reconciling invoices paid is amazing and so easy to use. Love it!

Brooke M.
Four Winds Brewing Co.

How it works


Benji Pays connects your accounting system with your payment processor giving you a choice of which processor to use.


Our two-way sync keeps your accounting system up to date.

Your payments, deposits and refunds are synchronized automatically in your accounting system.

Get Paid.

Send out invoice payment links or automate your invoice payment processing. Put manual data entry behind you and free up your team so they can focus on what's important.

Simple. Transparent. Easy.

Our fully integrated and automated payment processing helps you improve your cash flow, save thousands on labour costs, reduce late payments and get paid faster.
Card Transactions
Labour Saved
Hours Saved

How Benji Pays

Integrates with any merchant account

Through our integration with Bambora by Woldline we can connect to any merchant account in Canada and the United States.

Get Paid Faster

Integrated payment links and intelligent automated payment processing speeds up your accounts receivable process and improves cash flow.

Save hundreds of
hours per year

Eliminate manual processes. Automated two way sync keeps your books up to date at all times.

Who we integrate with

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Get paid faster

  • Email invoices with integrated “Pay Now” links
  • Automate invoice payment processing
  • Installment plans split your invoices into multiple payments
  • Use your existing payment processor and gateway
  • Improve cash flow and reduce your Days Sales Outstanding

Save time and money

  • Transactions automatically sync into your accounting software
  • Eliminates hundreds of hours in manual data entry
  • Eliminate CSV files and manual batch processes
  • Automation allows your team to focus on what's important
  • Reduce card-not-present transaction fees

Improve Security and PCI Compliance

  • Improve your organization's PCI Compliance
  • Save credit card details securily in your card vault
  • Securely collect customer card details
  • Keep sensitive credit card details secure

You have choices

  • Your choice of merchant account provider
  • Your choice of accounting software
  • Accept payments from multiple services
  • Fully automated and manual integrated payment processing
  • Benji Pays supports many workflows with many flexible ways for your clients to pay you

Key features

Integrated online credit card invoice payment links
Online payment links for your QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Xero Accounting invoice emails
Emailed payment receipts with PDF invoice attachments
Multi currency and multi gateway support
Branded payment pages
Transactions automatically applied in QuickBooks / Xero
Automated nightly integrated payment processing
Unlimited user accounts and customers
Integrated refunds and voids
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