Security and Privacy

We take your data and your customers’ data seriously. We will never sell your data, allow it to be used by a 3rd party other than your accounting system and payment provider, or use your data for anything other than processing your payments.

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Common questions

Do you store my customers’ credit card numbers in your system?

No. We do not store credit card numbers, we only submit them to your payment provider through our secure connection once when creating the payment profile. The card number is never saved to our systems.

Do you sell or use my data for anything else?

No. We will never sell or use your data for anything other than processing your payments.

What type of security do you use?

BENJI PAYS is running on Amazon’s robust and secure cloud infrastructure and servcies. All traffic is encrypted using standard SSL certificates over HTTPS. All data stored is encrypted and access is restricted to our servers.

BENJI PAYS undergoes regular security scans and penetration testing of our application and our system.

Will you ever contact my customers?

The only time we contact your customers is when we send them their payment receipt emails.

What data in my accounting system will you access?

We require access to your customers, invoices, credit memos, payments, chart of accounts, tax rates, currency rates, and payment methods types.

What data in my accounting system will you store?

We store the following from your accounting system:

  • Your customer details to allow you to link them to the stored payment information.
  • Your chart of accounts (names of your accounts) to allow you to choose which account applied payments should be deposited to in your accounting system when we apply the payment to the invoice.
  • Invoice details to allow us to report transaction info to you.
  • Sales Tax Rates.
  • Payment method types.
  • Other data as needed as new features are added to Benji Pays.

Is Benji Pays PCI Compliant?

Yes, Benji pays is PCI DSS Compliant


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