Consulting Services

BENJI PAYS offers consulting services for breweries and other small businesses. Our 20 years of IT consulting and software development experience combined with our 6 years of brewery management and small business accounting experience makes us a great choice to help your business in many areas.

Our unique combination of experience and knowledge of the regulations and constraints imposed by the multiple levels of government that breweries must interact with allows us to provide a level of advice that those without this experience cannot.

Ekos Brewmaster
  • Whether you are just getting your brewery open, or you are adding Ekos Brewmaster into your existing brewery's systems, we can help you get up and running in a fraction of the time, and with a fraction of the frustration of setting things up on your own.
  • We'll walk you and your team through how Ekos works and how it integrates with your other systems such as QuickBooks and Square. We'll provide advice on how to adapt your existing systems to work with Ekos.
  • We'll work with your accountant or bookkeeper, management team, and brewing team as needed to help you get all areas of your business set up and working with Ekos and any integrated systems.